How to choose the right online courses for a barber

Today, establishments that provide hairdressing services exclusively for men are at the height of their popularity. Dozens of barbershops are opening across the UK and seminars, workshops and training sessions are taking place. Profession barber becomes very popular, and the “male barber” can become a representative of the fair sex.

What is the fascination of the barber profession and why is it so popular today? 

It’s worth going back in history when men almost universally wore a mustache and beard. This fashion has been slowly gaining popularity in Europe since the late 18th century but there was one problem: the ‘facial hair’ required careful and professional care. Public appearances with a sloppily trimmed beard and moustache was the height of indecency, so some ‘private clubs’ for real men became widespread. These were run by barbers who were experts at creating an original and unique look and feel.

Not just moustaches and beards, but also men’s haircuts were a major part of their business. What made a barbershop stand out from other barbershops was that it was a men’s club. Here the barbershop owner could talk to the client in addition to his work, and the guest could relax in male company.

Where can I get a profession as a barber-male hairdresser? 

A barber is not just a ‘hairdresser’, it’s a new style and direction in life. If you’ve decided to master the intricacies of the profession, you need to understand that you’ll have to give it your all. A bad barber is a verdict on an establishment, so you need to learn the ropes.

There are dozens of stories of seemingly successful people who have reached the heights of society and business and suddenly decided to change their lives and become barbers. It really does have to be your calling and what you love to do – it’s hard to know how necessary it is for you, but if you’re determined to learn a new profession, nothing is impossible.

Nowadays it’s quick enough to learn the trade – there are bartending schools run by barbershops, or by specialists. If you’re motivated and talented, your training is guaranteed to be a success.

The longest route to becoming a barber is secondary school. This way is more suitable for schoolchildren who are still choosing a profession. At the same time the courses will still have to be passed, because the colleges teach hairdressing in general. The plus side of secondary vocational education is basic knowledge. They are never superfluous, and neither is a diploma.

The second way is to take up self-training. YouTube is full of videos that can help you get an idea of the profession. But even the most talented self-taught need a certificate to prove their qualifications. So it is better to consider this way as an additional source of knowledge.

The third and most effective way, which we have already mentioned, is through courses. You can go to a barbering school or you can go directly to a master, and in the second case, it’s better to choose individual training. 

What can a future barber learn on an online course?

The average duration of a Barber from scratch course at International Career School courses for adults is one month. During this time, you’ll learn what men’s haircuts are available for short, medium and long hair. You will also be taught the fade technique, which is the creation of a smooth transition that looks like a “haze” on the hair.

Beyond that, any barber must be able to handle a straight razor and know how to get a properly shaped beard. And, of course, there’s no shortage of men’s cosmetics to go with it. There’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Last on the list, but not least, working with a client. This, too, is a kind of art. Don’t forget that some men come to the barbershop for the pleasant companionship. Whether or not a client signs up again depends not only on the haircut, but also on how well you two hit it off.

Throughout the course you’ll have the opportunity to work with different barbers. Practice and practice on the models starts from the very first lesson.

How to choose a barber school?

Any serious barber school usually offers several courses, varying in cost and direction. The cheapest are the master classes, which are usually lectures lasting 6-8 hours. Then there are refresher and specialist courses.

One of the most popular courses is the Zero Enrolment Course. It covers the basics – proper shampooing, basic types of hair styling, different types of moustache, beard and haircuts. You’ll learn what a ‘royal shave’ is and how to handle a straight razor. You will also be able to carry out facial contouring, body sculpting and dozens of other specialised services.

In any case, an ideal course would include:

  • theoretical classes;
  • a demonstration of the specialist’s work;
  • practical exercises;
  • internship.

Teaching staff

Not every practising barber, even the top one, can be a good teacher. Not everyone can explain the subject in an accessible, clear and understandable way, patiently answer all the students’ questions and reinforce it with practical demonstration. Therefore, in the pursuit of big names, beginners often do not acquire new knowledge, but only beautiful pictures on Instagram. Shyness to look silly in the eyes of the master, the inability or unwillingness of the master to answer the “stupid” questions of beginners become an insurmountable barrier to the acquisition of knowledge when studying to become a barber.

Academy teachers have not only been trained by the best masters of the world of barbering, but also received additional pedagogical education. Our main motto is “There are no stupid questions”. And in the process of training barbers we never cease to remind ourselves of this. And so the training takes place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Any “even the dumbest” question will be considered and fully answered.

How much does it cost online education as a barber?

As a rule, the average price tag ranges from £295 to £6,000, and the courses themselves take about 2-3 months. Whether that’s a lot or a little is for you to judge, but we’ll focus on the benefits of the profession.

Barber shops and barber schools are usually chain establishments that are constantly opening new barbershops around the UK. It’s quite possible that tomorrow such an establishment will open in your town. Employees in such barbershops usually hire “their own” – proven and personally trained.

Naturally, one must constantly strive to become the best in their field and prove in practice their skills – how else? The reputation of the establishment is always above all! The average salary of a barber in UK is £24006 per year, but the tips are often up to 100 % of the salary.

Which training option you choose is up to you. Either way, you will learn a highly sought-after and popular profession that may well become your “raison d’être”.

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